Aatif and Michelle // Mississauga Wedding Ceremonies

Long overdue, but finally posting the Wedding of Aatif and Michelle, the first of my three friends to get married this summer. We had such a blast shooting their engagement session at the Distillery District in downtown Toronto as well as all the ceremonies. So without any further delay, enjoy the pictures from the union of this amazing couple and their families. Love you both!

Kristin and Scott // Hamilton Marquis Gardens Wedding

We had the incredible opportunity to shoot the wedding of Kristin and Scott at the Marquis Gardens in Hamilton, ON. You could really feel that the couple were extremely excited to be with each other. Both Kristin and Scott were easy going and playful and we had a blast working together. I wish them both a happy journey in their married life and we feel really grateful to be a part of such an amazing occasion. 

WIth Latte Productions

Brittany and Mark // Intimate Southern Ontario Wedding

We had an amazing experience shooting the wedding of Brittany and Mark in Gowanstown, ON. The event had a very homely touch, and definitely one of the most outstanding weddings I've shot. The couple had a unique touch in everything involving their intimate Christian wedding, from their decors to their photoshoot that was held at a ranch keeping Brittany's pet horse. I wish the couple all the best in their life ahead and I'm truly grateful to be a part of such a unique and wonderful occasion. 

With Latte Productions

Incredible India // Travel and Street Photography

After spending the first week in India with the wedding party of Taniya and Akshat, it was time for some new adventure. I had planned on visiting Rajasthan but due to last minute changes we couldn't pull it off so I had the opportunity to explore Delhi and all that it had to offer. I was able to experience one of the most amazing cities in the world with its countless historic tombs, temples, mosques, mouthwatering foods, vibrant colours, sounds and a unique way of blending year old tradition into the everyday life. Delhi is full of wonders only waiting to be discovered like turning pages of a history book. I have to thank Taniya and Akshat's family, friends and the entire wedding party (namely Sahil, Leslie and the A-Team) for being a part of such an amazing experience. And last but not least my trip wouldn't have been possible without the incredible hospitality of the Gupta family. My utmost gratitude goes out to them for being such amazing hosts. Already looking forward to the next time I'm back.